I talked about Leadville a little bit already, but since this is Hunter’s main focus this year, it deserves its own, dedicated description.

I remember when I first started tackling the half marathon distance and my runner buddy, who’d been able to convince me to do all kinds of crazy races already, tried suggesting the Leadville Heavy Half.

Without hesitation I sad, “15.5 miles up in Leadville? Absolutely not. That’s just crazy.”

And then, a couple months later, here we are on Mosquito Pass, climbing to the highest point of the course.


So Hunter has his sights set on this thing. This is what the course profile looks like. It’s nuts.


Undeniably nuts.

Just look at this thing.


Most years, because the race is relatively early in the season and goes to such a high elevation, race volunteers have to go dig out the highest part of the course because it’s still under several feet of snow leading up to race day.


I like this picture because it does the course justice. It gets pretty steep in places.

But you take it one step at a time and eventually, you get to the top of Mosquito Pass at 13,185 feet.

Ken Chlouber, founder of the Leadville Trail 100 hangs out at the top, cheers on runners, and takes pictures with them next to the sign.


Hunter will have to get his iconic top-of-Mosquito-Pass picture with Ken.

And then you get to go down. And as you go down, you get to look a this.


The view alone is worth every ounce of the challenging high-altitude climb to the top.

It’s beyond worth it.

And with Hunter’s bottomless physical energy, he’ll get it done and then he’ll run around in circles at the finish line while the rest of us sit down for a beer, exhausted!

How to Support Hunter

Hunter’s loyal entourage. Left to right: Steve, me, Logan, Monica, Will, Hunter, Jaxson, and Brian (easily Hunter’s biggest fan)

There are a number of ways you can support Hunter’s goal. Please pick any or all of the following.

  1. Share this post on social media.
  2. Donate to Hunter’s fundraising page (all donations go to Children’s Hospital Colorado and research through the Autism Treatment Network). Click here to donate.
  3. Join us on Saturday, May 11th for the Fun Run (1 mile), 5k, half marathon relay, or half marathon–so there’s a distance for everyone. Walk, run, or crawl…no excuses! Click here to register.
  4. Don’t like running or walking or crawling? Fair enough. Come volunteer! Click here to sign up.
  5. Hunter’s running the Carbon Valley half again this year! Come cheer for him. The course is easily accessible for spectators. Here’s a map and the race starts at 8:00a, so bring a camping chair to hang out anywhere along the course and just wait for Hunter’s big smile to come along.
  6. Make signs for Hunter’s race to be distributed along the CV race course. Last year he LOVED his signs and took a picture next to each one. Let’s make even more for this year! Email me (rachel.kay.link@gmail.com) if you’re interested in making a sign and I’ll get the signs posted throughout the course beforehand.

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