That Time I Decided to Woo goodr

It’s thick in the season of gaining and renewing ambassadorships and as usual, I got really gung-hoe about collecting as many badass ambassadorships as I could.

This year, I’m thrilled to have rejoined with Ragnar and to have re-finagled TransRockies Run (that was a tricky one this time around, my bad Houda). And I’m waiting to hear back on some other, super exciting ones.

That’s when I realized that if I’m going to sell myself for swag, why not see about the one company that makes a product I wear constantly…inside and outside…to a fault (but not to bed, at least, because that’s ouchie. And weird.).

The product to which I refer is sunglasses and even when I’m not wearing them on my face, I’m wearing them on top of my head to keep my hair out of my eyes.

Furthermore, I’m a die-hard goodr girl. And all the rainbowy colors make it that much worse for me not to spend money in running stores because I can’t resist their fun colors at only $25.

Thank you for this borrowed photo, Running NW. I appreciate you.

And why not? goodr goes everywhere with me. EVERY. WHERE.

See? goodr goes running with donkeys and runs the Grand Canyon and hangs out with Ultra Dirt Divas in Moab and makes stupid faces at Ragnar and goes on river trips in Idaho and goes on snowshoe adventures. Just look at all the places goodr goes!

In other words, I’m perfect for this ambassador job. It could be and should be a beautifully symbiotic relationship.

So imagine my sadness when I visited the goodr website and discovered they weren’t taking applications for ambassadors right now! WHAT!?


But listen, a blocked path has never kept me from trying.

Full disclosure: I definitely went into full stalker status when I was trying to land my first entry level job in my field. And guess what, haters? It totally worked. Eventually. Over a year later.

But this isn’t work, it’s love. So I decided, that like any human in love, I should do my due diligence and begin a courtship.

So here goes nothing. I’m popping off this email to some goodr wizard on the other end of the internets somewhere and my fingers are crossed for a quick reply.

(But not so quick as that time I asked Salomon to sponsor me, when an obvious robot responded and I realized no human actually read, nor appreciated my eloquent, yet quirky email to them. I’m still pissed about that, by the way.)

Subject: goodr, will you go out with me?


I found the ambassador page and I also found that the ambassador program is closed right now. I’m curious to know when it opens again because in the past 2-ish years, I’ve been an exclusive goodr sunglasses girl, which is actually saying a lot because I only got Lasik 4 years ago and couldn’t wear sunglasses before that (stupid regular glasses only), so I’m obsessed with and basically can’t stop collecting sunglasses (i.e., goodr sunglasses and nothing else at this point, and I can prove it).

So obviously, I’d be super pumped to be an ambassador. I’m already repping goodr at donkey races, Leadville Race Series races, on epic river trips, Ragnar, Grand Canyon runs, TransRockies Run (I wear my 2018 TRR goodrs more than any others). My goodrs go on adventures, on training runs, snowshoeing, to visit my mother, etc. I’m rarely seen without them and even when it isn’t sunny, they rest on the top of my head (notoriously).

Since I write a trail running blog, I thought it might be fun to do a goodr series…where will my goodrs go next (2020 is shaping up to be another epic adventure year…my first time to Zion, for example). But this is where it would be extra special if goodr agreed to go out with me, so you can join the fun.

Anyway, I hope this reaches someone who likes it and if nothing else, I simply hope for the approximate date of the ambassador application opening and then consideration for a job I’m happy to pretty much continue doing for as long as the sun keeps shining (or as long as I have hair that my goodrs can help keep out of my eyes during shady times).

Just so you know I’m serious, here’s the link to the blog I already wrote about my first attempt at wooing you!



Fingers crossed, folks. This is my jam, I know it is.


Update: within minutes a robot did reply to me, but not to shoot me down like the Salomon robot did, but instead with the promise of a real human to respond in a couple days! And guess what? That robot writes just as unconventionally as I do and I’d expect nothing less:


Your request has been received by the goodr Customer Happiness and Wellness Team. Though we are often very busy flying in to provide a pre-bonk banana to someone in the middle of an ultra, we’ll get back to you in within 2 business days with a good(r) solution to make you happy.

If you have additional comments to add, please reply to this email.

Stay tuned!


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